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J6 Political Prisoner Breaks Silence

My name is Larry Brock. I participated in the events of January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Much of what has been said about me in the press since that time is incredibly misleading.

These are the events of the day in my own words.


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Armando Rosales
Armando Rosales
Jul 09

Larry, first, thank you for your service. I served for only a few years but feel the same way as you, I would die for my country I love, the US of A. Thank you for the video. It is absolutely baffling to me and many others that our elected officials have not already demanded all of the videos available for disection of the truth. I will send this to as many people on the social sites I read. I empathize for all of your heartache that you have felt from this experience. I hope and pray that you are vindicated and that something good comes of your plight. Thank you again Mr. Brock. Armando

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