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The 'United States' v. Larry Brock

The Character Witness Letters

Is it possible to say things are not as they seem without seeming illogical? Or seeming a Conspiracy Theorist?

Only one side of my story has been told broadly. Far less than that. A tiny fraction of my story. Numerous misrepresentations have been pedaled across the internet of that one day out of 20,192 days and counting. [See previous post on events of January 6th, 2021]

Exciting narratives and attention-grabbing headlines, circulated from one tired mainstream publication to the next. It sells! We used to says "papers", but now it's more appropriate to say online ad revenue I suppose.

Those that hate our country, hate our military, and despise the traditional values we hold dear take great joy and delight when they believe they are witnessing the downfall of a Ret. Lt. Colonel.

I am suffering and will to continue to suffer the consequences of my presence at the Capitol that day. I do not ask for your pity. I ask that you remember there are many sides to every story. Seek the full stories of all those that have been so shamed, disgraced and ostracized in the Court of Public Opinion. I beg you, do not follow a ravenous liberal media that intends to worship the twisted and feed on the flesh of the conservative.

Below I submit to you the individuals that stood up with me, bearing witness of my character in our federal courts in Washington D.C. Let their voices be heard alongside the deafening roar of those that continue to delight in my downfall. I submit to you, my fellow Americans, my Character Witness Letters for your consideration.

I deeply appreciate the time you have taken to hear more about my experiences. I recognize many of us have very little time in our days to crusade for the justice or cause of another. Thank you for all you do for the J6 Political Prisoners! To find out what more you can do, please visit our Resources page.

Character Witness #1

Character Witness #2

Character Witness #3

Character Witness #4

Character Witness #5

Character Witness #6

Character Witness #7

Character Witness #8


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